Response to ‘Women with Salad’

Andrew James Hodgson wrote a poem in response to my Woman With Salad performance. I’m very flattered. Check it out:

Poem by Andrew James Hodgson in response to Woman with Salad in In Plain Sight exhib in Sheffield

woman by entrance
smoking drinking tutting
repeats her actions

woman at mirror
picks her teeth then turns to pout
repeated habits

woman in corner
transfer observe and consume
repeat the process

woman with wire brush
smiles till it hurts and then groans
repeats what she hears

woman above stairs
tossing salad and laughing
over and again

woman at table
peeling apples to their cores
same old pile of thoughts

woman by window
reading a room of one’s own
questions her values


– Andrew James Hodgson

Emily Perry © . All Rights Reserved