Narcissus Nature Morte Mukbang

I am super excited to invite you to Narcissus Nature Morte Mukbang, an interactive performance a New Hall Art Collection (a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art by women at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge) on 10 April 2022.

Responding to Gayle Chong Kwan’s photographic series ‘Cockaigne’ (2004) and the wider collection of art at New Hall, Narcissus Nature Morte Mukbang consists of a collective guided meditation in the garden where we’ll ground ourselves in nature, look closely, plant food and pick flowers. The audience is then invited inside. A performance by women at the table will sarcastically depict an art historical and contemporary societal portrayal of women in relation to food. The female performers hopelessly attempt to conduct the audience as they eat lunch and socialise; they pose as table decorations; they bring food to their mouths but don’t eat it; they repeat. The audience can observe or ignore the performing women, like the artworks on the tables and the walls, while eating lunch.

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