Caught with Your Trousers Down

A man sits on a changing room bench, his trousers hung on the hook behind him, holding the screen on his lap. He silently changes position as is comfortable to various lounging, leg-spreading poses. He is uninterested in his audience. In another installation of the work, four men lounge around the gallery space in their underpants, silently accompanying the video. In the video, 4 men discuss feminism while sitting trouserless in a changing room. Their conversation is interspersed with footage of another trouserless man reading aloud from his phone other men’s opinions, as well as images of men silently posing in the changing room. Installation includes the trousers of the participants.
With thanks to M.B, Sam Carvosso, B.D, T.G, Alexander Glass, James Johnson, Marlon Kameka, Ariel Narunsky Chris Royds and Joseph Steele.

Video still

Restaged for Performance Auction in 2018 
Six men sit in the dressing room of The New Shoreditch Theatre in their pants, trousers hung on a rail, talking about feminism. The discussion is unscripted but initiated and continued by each man reading out a feminism-related quote from his phone. After an hour and a half, the men leave the room and join the event as guests still without their trousers. Their trousers are later auctioned. Bidding starts at £2.50 per leg.
With thanks to Daniel Elliott, Richard Ensor, Hamish Morrow, Joseph Steele, Ezra Antonio Campelli and Martin.

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