Performance for experimental group performance exhibition “We’re All Involved in This Mess”
Day one, I enter the space wearing jeans and a jumper, and hook up my jumper to reveal a tight white top. I pick up a metallic copper coloured paint tube from the floor and squeeze paint into my hand. I rub my hands together and smear the paint under my breasts over the t-shirt. I then pick up a large scaffolding pole (approximately my height) and push it through the paint under my breasts, coating the length of the pole. I then stand leaning my hand on the pole and wait for the paint to dry. On the day, in the small space gallery, another performance overlapped mine, which began with one woman dancing casually alone and culminated in a handful of people dancing more passionately, forcing me to become more sculptural as well as forcing my boredom and performance to feel more tragic. Once the paint is dry, I lean the pole on the wall where I am and join the audience in drinking beer and talking.
Day two, I enter the space wearing the same jeans and jumper, hook up my jumper and reveal the painted tight white top. I pick up a sheet of sand paper from the floor and begin sanding the pole to remove the paint, working from top to bottom, refreshing the sand paper when needed. The performance ends when all the paint is removed after approximately 15 minutes of sanding. I lean the clean pole against the wall, put my jumper back on and join the audience in drinking beer and talking.
Curated by Riet Timmerman

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