A woman sits on the floor, leaning on the wall, blocking a corridor with her legs, with her hair through a hole in the wall. The film  Naked Nude is being played on loop on a sunken screen in the wall. The gallery visitor then discovers another woman stood in a cupboard space with her arm holding a hot cup of tea through the wall. The “display wall” shows an isolated hand offering a hot cup of tea and a clump of hair.

With thanks to Jenny Allinson, Lorna Bamsey, Molly Basterfield, Becky Bick, Meg-lily Blythe, Flo Bungle, Claudia Dance-Wells, Mercedes Ferrari, Anna Gonzalez, Alice Gough, Cara Grogan, Nicola Hiller, Jess Hummer, Liz Jones, Je Eun Jung, Tess Lari, Grace Mirindi, Engi Park, Eleanor Pearch, Kim Perry, Isabella Podpadee, Daphne Politi, Martina Stefkova Simeonova, Hazel Stephenson, Liv Thurley,  Megan Vaulks and Anna Veglio-White.

Emily Perry © . All Rights Reserved