Woman with Salad (for A Performance Affair)

Presented by Seventeen for A Performance Affair, Brussels, 2019

Woman with Salad is a work for a group of female performers who each concurrently enact a single gesture, repeated continuously for an hour. These gestures derive from images and animated GIFs found in commercial stock footage libraries that depict women engaged in actions such as laughing while holding food, looking into a mirror, brushing their hair or drinking a glass of wine. These commercially produced images, designed to be purchased and dispersed throughout the wider broadcast media, depict stereotypically female actions, while being aimed at the current advertising industry also echo the manual and domestic tasks that women perform in historical painting.

With thanks to performers Maurane Colson, Marion Denne, Laura Hemming-Lowe, Fleur Khani, Chloe Nols and Ilse Wijnen.

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