You’re On Mute

You’re On Mute at Seventeen 8th – 10th July 2022
Performances: Friday 8th July 6-8pm, Saturday 9th July 12-5pm, Sunday 10th July 12-5pm

You’re On Mute is a new work by Emily Perry for a single female performer, made in response to the lockdowns of 2021/22. Occupying a gallery space containing domestic objects and large beanbags upholstered in that hard-wearing, distinctly-patterned fabric found exclusively on public transport, the performer discusses the ‘gender-blind lockdown’ in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic. She interrupts herself to welcome and offer coffee to audience members, keen to be a good host. She engages individual audience members with phrases heard often on online video calls during the pandemic, before beginning to speak about the disproportionate effect of lockdown on womxn. Around the presentation, she neurotically performs being normal at home. Viewers may catch the performer blow drying her hair and putting make-up on, or her performative post-presentation yoga sessions.

You’re On Mute was performed by Roberta Bernadelli.

You’re On Mute, along with a new version of Woman With Salad, are shown as part of Performance Exchange, a dispersed platform for performance art in commercial galleries.

You can view the acquisition document for You’re on Mute here.

More on the gender-blind lockdown:

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