Woman with Salad (2022)

Woman with Salad was first exhibited in Berlin in 2016 and has continued to be developed by Perry. It is a work for a lone or group of female performers who each concurrently enact a gesture, repeated continuously for an hour. The endless looping format of the GIF, from which Perry has sourced the movements enacted by the performer, echo the repetitive actions of female labour. These GIFs have been taken from stock image libraries, the performer mimicking the reductive images designed to be distributed and consumed by patriarchal capitalism.

This new realisation of Woman with Salad was performed by one woman, mirroring the one woman of You’re on Mute which was exhibited in the adjacent room at Seventeen in 2022. It is an adaptation for a post-lockdown context, the figure trapped in a room, going from task to task, locked in a relentless cycle.

Woman With Salad was performed by Emily Kenneally.

These works were shown as part of Performance Exchange, a dispersed platform for performance art in commercial galleries. 

You can view the acquisition document for Woman with Salad here.

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